Auxiliary Priest — s/t

Space travel is hard on sound. Bellows crackling, synthesizers on their last legs and found sound recordings stretched way past their breaking point. Are those gamma burst transmissions in the aviary?

We think of sound as waves in space, but it's also a living record of events. Maybe you remember. The shared sensory memory of the universe exists as background noise, captured by magnetic tape. Listen carefully. We've been down this path.

Auxiliary Priest — Extending humanity's reach into space and time.
(Headphones recommended)


" a seasoned experimental composer Auxiliary Priest understands how to control the composition."
— Tape Famous

"This is no space opera, there are no jet engines, propulsion or dying stars. In a way, Auxiliary Priest outlines the innermost feelings."
— Ambient Exotica

"..what really appeals to me is the restraint to maintain balance between the absolute perfect hints of static and fuzz, and the smooth massive sweeps of melody."
— Guide Me Little Tape

"Auxiliary Priest makes static-drenched electronic music that sounds as though it was beamed in from a distant corner of the universe ... waves of bristling synths and degrading rhythms converge at a fixed point in space and implode, drawing in everything around them. This is the distorted sound of space’s communal memory."
— Beats Per Minute

"It was once stated that in space, no one can hear you scream. It is fitting, then, that Auxiliary Priest should be at the controls for what is a noisy, turbulent chasm of deep, black experimentation that does indeed suck the screaming void of space inward with deep, thin lungs that have been starved of oxygen."
— A Closer Listen

"Atmospheric audio has come a long way since the days of ranking as a score to something visual.  There is a spiritual experience to be had with any form of audio art, whether it’s a pop song or a fourteen minute recording of mood based sound-scape. That is, if it’s good. And Auxiliary Priest is good, if not great. Get into it."


Catalog#: SBT009
Release date: 16 July 2013
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card