Braeyden Jae — Gutted

Braeyden Jae creates the kind of drone suites that knocked you head over heels for the genre in the first place. With Gutted, the Salt Lake City-based producer extends his modest but potent canon into even bolder realms, hosting two side-long tracks of maxed-out melancholy for the masses.

The recordings here are predominantly bass guitar filtered through a great deal of distortion and reverb, touched with hints of time and pitch manipulation. Inspired by the works of avant-garde saxophonist, Albert Ayler and those rare moments in life (both wanted and unwanted) that leave you unable to go back to the way you once were, Braeyden Jae has birthed his heaviest and most striking recordings to date.

The first 20 orders will receive a handmade patch designed and silkscreened by Braeyden Jae and artist Andrew Alba.


"On Gutted, Braeyden moves his way through two longform drone pieces that start from the ground floor of a low jet-engine's roar and moves to, when Braeyden really opens up the throttle, being inside of a volcano on some Celestial, near-heaven moon. Just try listening to that moment, about 5 1/2 minutes into "The Purpose of Purposeful Delay", when Braeyden just tears into this controlled and corralled wash of feedback, rending the veil a little bit to catch a glimpse of all possible futures and pasts of whatever note he is holding infinitely. One of 2014's most thrilling musical moments."
Tome To The Weather Machine

The New Noise


Catalog#: SBT016
Release date: 2 December 2014
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card