Bugseed — Some Foods

Japanese beat conductor, Bugseed, is like a one man factory, cranking out copious amounts of instrumental hip hop for those in the know. This dude never fails to come through with something rich & vibrant to nod your head to. Fans of MF DOOM's Special Herbs collection will immediately hear the metal faced villain's influence.


"Mixing a fractured electronic aesthetic with hints of beat tape composition, he creates sounds that ricochet around in your head, searching for a way to get out. But there is also a grace and casual beauty to his music."

"...the album continues the Japanese beat-tician’s M.O. of chilled, heady grooves that stand apart from the dull, uninspired beats slapped together by your average bedroom producer."
Decoder Magazine

"Mega chill ocean side vibes... Picture perfect retro modern beats... Twelve tracks that glow with this warm perfectly compressed thump, overlaid with soupy swirling keys."
Guide Me Little Tape


Catalog#: SBT014
Release date: 2 September 2014
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card