Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig — No Sound Without A Misunderstanding

Recorded live in two improvised sessions ahead of their first performance in Montreal’s experimental underground, No Sound Without A Misunderstanding documents the earliest encounters between veteran Roger Tellier-Craig (Le Révélateur, Fly Pan Am) and relative newcomers Devon Hansen (D.Hansen, Stefan Jós) and Karl Fousek.

Analog FM synthesis, processed percussion samples, sub-bass pulses and ring-modulated textures coalesce over detailed drones and washes of noisy DSP, as the trio begin to articulate a shared and hybrid approach to live electronics.


"... far from some meandering collection of glitches and bloops, these songs evince a solid foundation on which these artists form their rather miraculous and wired revelations. With each passing moment, you come to realize the depth of their interplay and how each one builds upon the dramatic inventiveness of the others."


""For a debut release this is quite something - and who knows where this trio are going to go next."

The Quietus

OMGVinyl (Best Tape of 2016)


Catalog#: SBT029
Release date: June 28 2016
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card