Gaetano Cappella — Maiella

On April 25, 2016 a New Artist Mystery Batch was unveiled. Two new artists were ready to share their sounds with the world. No information was revealed: no names, no sounds, just the opportunity to support and be in the group of people who ultimately created two sold out releases within 24 hours time.

Italian artist, Gaetano Cappella's debut Maiella is a cassette dedicated to and inspired by his birthplace of the same name. Cappella equally holds strong feelings for his process of drone creation. All the sounds on Maiella were solely created by him with guitar, natural ambience and a cassette recorder. Like most drone releases there is a darkness to the recordings but you can also feel the spiritual quality they have, as though you were atop the highest peak of a mountain as it moaned and wailed it's first sounds after a thousand year slumber.


Catalog#: SBT027
Release date: 17 May 2016
Edition: 50
Comes with digital download card