Junior Pande — Five

Junior Pande’s Five is a telephone exchange full of funk and old school beats. Feathered jazz and brash rap rhythms mingle with soulful vocal samples, airy synths and scrubs and scratches that just get the itch.

Some tracks hit you like percussive, concussive uppercuts straight to the gut, jerking your body into motion, then without warning the next track slows you down smooth, like swimming through molasses.

Art by Justin Peroff and Kimi Kimo


"On "Five," his latest cassette for Spring Break Tapes, Peroff is still mining the beat tape aesthetic but continues to refine and devolve his impeccable sense of musical construction. Sounding like the best jazz joint at 3 a.m. after an evening of heavy drinking and illicit substances, these tracks careen from one rhythmic track to the next in a series of unpredictable variations. Grabbing a fistful of funk attitude and tossing it in with the jazz and hip-hop noise, he creates a swirling genre mashup that doesn't feel contrived or sloppy. "Five" finds that perfect balance between innovation and the themes explored in his previous work, fashioning a percussive ode to these specific rhythmic movements. "
— Nooga 

"...a Hip-Hop album interpolated via synthetic positrons, jittery perianths and chromogenic drums..."
Ambient Exotica


Catalog#: SBT018
Release date: 14 April 2015
Edition: 100
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