Junior Pande — Tape One

Tape One is the first solo release from Justin Peroff (Broken Social Scene, Eight And A Half) under his moniker Junior Pande.

This self-defined “bedroom beat ambient space junk tape” winds & weaves it's way through 26+ minutes of crunchy beats & blippity bleeps.


"...a sporadic trip, constantly exchanging rythme for melody, never completely satisfying the palate but always leaving you drooling for more."
— Dingus On Music

"There's about 20 tapes worth of loops, fuzz, and experimentation here, all smashed into a single crazy headspin that sounds like an improv performance recorded live to mic in your living room."
— Guide Me Little Tape

"...nods to introvert hip hop jams, wobbly electric guitar samples, and piles of 90's bedroom dance and microhouse nostalgia."
— Cassette Gods Reviews


Catalog#: SBT001
Release date: 7 May 2011
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card