Junior Pande — Tape Three

When the Spring Break Tapes journey began, it did so with Junior Pande's Tape One. As SBT has expanded sonically, so has JP.

Justin Peroff has created a signature sound under his pseudonym Junior Pande, influenced by pockets of the beat scene, bass culture as well as experimental and ambient driven music.

Expect the characteristic crunchy drums, spacey drones, blips, bleeps & hypnotic, hip-hop influenced beats. And be prepared to be taken to the next level of the Junior Pande odyssey.


"...you’ll find Junior Pande to be a living, breathing organism allowing for a plethora of textures to operate in tandem to produce bombastic head-bangers or wistful whimsy by way of clockwork precision."
— Tiny Mix Tapes

"Peroff dives once more into his eclectic bag of percussive tricks and pulls out what is the stand-out tape in a trilogy two years in the making. Your thirty minute ride kicks off with a prehistoric beat, stomping against the speakers like a Tyrannosaur caged in a forested enclosure."
— A Closer Listen

"Head rattling off kilter beats. Big crusty curtains of noise that huff and puff, breathing in syncopated rhythm with the beat. Sly little homages to 70's California cool."
— Guide Me Little Tape

"...a spaced-out feel to the blips, bleeps, and compacted percussion but Peroff keeps things moving swiftly and determinedly..."
— Beats Per Minute

"Occupying the area between instrumental hip-hop, ambient and IDM, sort of glitchy, unusual beats and rhythms, not too far away from early Rustie productions to be honest. Definitely worth your time."
— Repose Sound


Catalog#: SBT008
Release date: 18 June 2013
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card