Junior Pande — Tape Two

Before he toured the world with Broken Social Scene, drummer Justin Peroff was bedroom beat scientist Junior Pande, who recorded one album of ambient sound-collage funk back in 2001 and then lay dormant during BSS's international ascent.

But, inspired by the drum-programming experiments deployed by his new futuro-pop band Eight and a Half, Peroff has resurrected the Junior Pande name for a series of instrumental releases that more explicitly explore his love of left-field hip-hop and abstract electronica.

Forging the middle ground between Flying Lotus and the Flaming Lips, Tape Two captures the heady allure of the modern metropolis after-hours: dark but majestic, buzzing with covert activity and shadowy suggestion.
— Stuart Berman


"The production is top notch and maybe this is the soundtrack to Thom Yorke's daydreams."
— Cassette Gods Reviews

"Full of crushing, boombox beats that refresh and rejuvenate, the music pops lightly like the fizzing kick of sugar, sprinkled with a foamy ocean surf coated in cyan."
— A Closer Listen


Catalog#: SBT005
Release date: 19 October 2012
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card