Junior Pande — The Red Tape

As passionate about his music as he is about the presentation of it, Justin Peroff offers up his 4th release on Spring Break Tapes with a super limited edition cassette personally handcrafted & numbered.

The Red Tape comes in a recycled cardboard o-card sleeve with individual photographs taken by Peroff — printed, cut & placed on each side of each package. In this way, every cassette is itself unique in design as no two feature the same photographs.

Sticking with the DIY strategy, The Red Tape is accompanied by a zine featuring photographs by Peroff. Zine layout and design by Joe McKay.

All music recorded, sampled, performed and conceived by Junior Pande at Six / Twelve Studios in Toronto Ontario Kanada.


"The mix still breaths with heavy compression as bass hits suck all the air out of your lungs and then push it back in with a tide of synth, but now structured and integrated with increased focus. Raw, controlled, just a hell of a lot of fun."
— Guide Me Little Tape

"... one of Junior Pande's most impressive musical outings."
— Nooga

"Block blastin’ beats that could’ve come straight from the quarter eating arcade machines of the 1980′s come to flaunt their weight, complete with the gentle tinkle of loose change as the coins slip into the slot. Different rhythmic timbres join in, with jungle-styled drums, calypso warm cocktails and soft romantic chinks. At its end, the beats are thick and heavily muffled, as if they had dived deep underwater at the local swimming pool. The Red Tape is eclectic in its sound, peppered with the urban soul of hip hop, twinkling piano fragments and chunky puck-shaped beats."
— A Closer Listen

"...beat & sample based music dabbling in experimental hip hop and footwork with moments of serene chillness."
— Tabs Out

"...The Red Tape is simply too vivacious, flamboyant and warmhearted a dual cosmic/earthbound critter to not inspect its gestalt-changing appearance in-depth."
— Ambient Exotica

"...a gumbo of wonder to the wilful ear with this here tape. Dribbling globules of jazz fusion cause no alarm but rather accentuate as delectable seasoning."
Weird Canada


Catalog#: SBT012
Release date: 4 February 2014
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card