Count Lazy & Funkbademeister — Funklifesavers

It’s not hard to find a beat tape these days. Bandcamp is littered with them. But you’ll be hard pressed to find one that is actually really stellar. Don't fret, I've got one for you. 

Funklifesavers by Count Lazy & Funkbademeister is remiscent of early 90’s boom bap era when hip hop was so so good. Fans of A Tribe Called Quest will undoubtedly appreciate this collection of instrumentals, given that it's laced with jazz samples, though more prevalent then Tribe and not nearly as dense & moody as Digable Planets. I think Guru would have approved. Vocal samples are sprinkled throughout which gives you an idea of what these tracks would sound like with an emcee rhyming over them and I'll admit, I wouldn't mind hearing that at all. 

The vibe here is bright & lighthearted. The tracks are short enough that you don’t get bored with the beat but nothing feels rushed at all. This cassette is a perfect soundtrack for your next house party or just lounging by the pool this Summer (note the cover art).

I've never heard of Count Lazy & Funkbademeister before but I'll definitely be on the lookout for future releases from either now that they are on my radar. Radio Juicy released Funklifesavers this year & it promptly sold out.  Lucky for you, a second pressing of this tape was just dropped. Newcomers to Radio Juicy should start here & continue to dig through their catalog - you won't be disappointed.

 Count Lazy & Funkbademeister — Funklifesavers  (Radio Juicy)

Count Lazy & Funkbademeister — Funklifesavers  (Radio Juicy)