Ferrari Jackson — Lush

Lush by Ferrari Jackson is like the the most perfect soundtrack to the video game OutRun. I don't mean this is some 8 bit junk either. The cassette gives you the cues for the set up: The staccato beats. The repetition. The jagged vocal samples. The horns reminiscent of Jan Hammer's hit. The announcer saying "Start your engines." It's upbeat. It feels good. There's even a slow jam for a bonus round you've been awarded for your high score.

Let me break down the scene. You're in Miami. Driving a white Ferrari with white leather interior. Going way too fast. Your lady friend is next to you. She's eating strawberries. It's 120 degrees outside. You have the top down. The AC is blasting. Palm trees whiz by in bursts of blurs. There's the ocean. Smell the sea air? Your hair is perfect. No denim on the seats. You will need a towel. This is Ferrari Jackson.

Clocking in at right around 18 minutes, this cassette is like any good video game's end... you have to start over.

Unfortunately it appears that the label that released this tape is no longer around but you might be able to find a copy on Discogs.

 Ferrari Jackson — Lush  (Culture Dealer)

Ferrari Jackson — Lush  (Culture Dealer)