Ricarda Cometa — s/t

Although I’m not necessarily looking for it, I don’t seem to come across too much new music that falls under the No Wave genre. Ever since being exposed to it’s sounds - most likely via the art film Downtown 81 - I’ve been a fan. If you are not familiar with the bands of this late 70’s / early 80’s movement then you’ve got some homework to do. You can easily download the NY NO WAVE compilation (curated by Brian Eno nonetheless) and get your visual stimulation on with Thurston Moore’s co-authored book, NO WAVE.

All that said, whether you are familiar or not with NO WAVE, there are some current bands who are continuing to keep the genre alive. A while back I discovered Ricarda Cometa and then it seemed like overnight, LA label Geweih Ritual Documents was announcing the future cassette release of the bands self-titled album. Being that the packaging for all GRD releases are very detailed & precise, the process is long & laborious but always well worth the wait.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Ricada Cometa deliver 8 improvised tracks packed into 30 minutes on this slick yellow cassette. Like their NO WAVE predecessors, they pluck and bang away at guitars making jangly discordant jams. Other than some background chatter & chanting they shy away from vocals and just focus on each other’s instruments & attempt to make some harmonious dissonance. They succeed at this so well that I actually hold them quite in the same regard as bands of the past. They remain true to the style of the genre but somehow take the noisy mess of it all and give it a polish, making it a bit easier on the ears.

You can grab the album for free via the band’s own Bandcamp but if you are prone to the physical format, you’ll be impressed with GRD’s delivery, plus you’ll still get your digi copy.

 Ricarda Cometa — s/t  (Geweih Ritual Documents)

Ricarda Cometa — s/t  (Geweih Ritual Documents)