Sister Grotto — The Minotaur

Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Denver for the 4th annual Goldrush Music Festival. Out of all the amazing musicians, a few really stood out to me & really fit the aesthetic of music I enjoy listening to. One of those was local artist Madeline Johnston aka Sister Grotto.

I had had my eye on her cassette, prominently pronounced at the record & tape merch area, from the moment I got there & started perusing what was for sale. There was something about the horned animal that graced the cover with 6 hand drawn labryses below it that got my attention. Once it came time for Sister Grotto’s performance the following day, I was really excited to see what sort of sounds could be represented by this art.

What I remember most from the performance is the dimly lit girl on stage by herself singing through a yellow telephone handset standing behind some keyboards. She methodically clicked pedals with her foot and created loop on top of loop which emanated an ethereal layer of sonic fog throughout the small venue’s room. As soon as the set was finished, I rushed over to secure my copy of her cassette, that of which is not sonically too far from the what she delivers live.

Madeline gently picks, plucks & strums her guitar, looping sections and adding ghostly reverberated vocals on top. A beautiful and epic 19 minute long track makes up the first half of the Minotaur cassette, the other half belonging to OHDO (Hunter Dragon).

You can still grab a physical or digital copy over at the Sister Grotto Bandcamp page.

 Sister Grotto — The Minotaur  (Tinyamp Records)

Sister Grotto — The Minotaur  (Tinyamp Records)