Luciernaga — Tile

The latest release by Luciernaga is super limited edition cassette (only 20) entitled, Tile. Side A consists of 5 recordings of ethereal sounds & textures, all untitled other than a brief explanation of the devices or instruments used to create the them - bow scraping on metal, treated guitar, detuned guitar loops, a Tibetan prayer bowl, followed by slide guitar with e-bow. Each track has it's own deliberately meditative quality and you are gently pulled into one after another with ease. Don't let the seemingly abrasive "bow scraping against metal" deter you... Without this knowledge, I doubt one would really guess what was utilized for the composition.

Side B, again is an invitation to the listener to get lost in the recording, as a continuous loop repeats for the 22 plus remaining minutes of the cassette. Other than an extremely slow fade, the track does not have any varying quality in the sound or pitch but this undoubtedly assists in what the track was intended for: meditation, invocations or conjurings according to the liner notes.

The cassette is home-dubbed and housed in a beautiful patterned, hand numbered Brad Pak. Included with my copy was a silkscreened or stamped image of a Hamsa on paper.

At the time of this post only 2 of the 20 cassettes were remaining and at a mere $3 each, I can't imagine they will be available much longer. Lucky for you though, the digital version is available for free download if you miss out on the physical copy. Get either on Luciernaga's Bandcamp page.

Luciernaga is the solo recording project of Joao M. Da Silva, owner of Fabrica Records.

 Luciernaga — Tile  (Fabrica Records)

Luciernaga — Tile  (Fabrica Records)