Seeing All Dimensions, Vol. I

This mixtape hosts a cast of 16 amazing producers, dj's and beat conductors from all over the world putting forth a single track each, all ranging in style and composition. Strap on your ear goggles and you're ready to go! Check the tracklist below. Dinninit.

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There are two different covers for this cassette.
Art by the talented Ricardo Oviedo.

Side A
1. Dream Entact — Castout
2. Junior Pande — Bubbz
3. Pigeondust — Tendermadness
4. DRWN — Heloisa
5. Hugh Whitaker — Sav Ori
6. Dr. Quandary — Audrey Horne
7. Waldo from Cincinnati — Of The Soul

Side B
1. Breau — Shawarma Sweater
2. Early00 — Vivid
3. Iglooghost — Dot.2.Dot
4. Bugseed — Explosive One
5. Jah Connery — A Beat
6. West Widows — Lucid Seal (Mythology I)
7. DREDi — The Shade
8. GXNZX — Dark Arts


— SlyVinyl


Catalog#: SBT023
Release date: 3 August 2015
Edition: 120
Comes with digital download card