Sima Kim — Intertwined

Composing self described post-classical music, Sima Kim is one of the most prolific artists today making beautiful sounds for different labels all around the world.

Consisting of four original tracks by Sima and four remixes by his contemporaries, Intertwined was orchestrated strictly with the use of guitar & tape loops during the Summer of 2013.


"A brain vacation, pure and simple...  Sima Kim nails it without resorting to carbon-copy construction. His gently ebbing sounds of glitch-glittered static arrive as reminiscent-only, manufacturing good vibes and lifting listeners to the fluffy clouds of imaginative thought with treble-heavy swishes of color that are as weightless as they are transparent."
Tiny Mix Tapes

"There's a sense of transitory movement to the music... Buried beneath the languid analog loops and guitar manipulation is a slow-building momentum that creates a lovely sense of deconstruction and musical dissipation. Similar in execution to William Basinski or Tim Hecker, Kim allows what could have been a meandering ambient aesthetic to become something dynamic and far more participatory than you might expect."
— Nooga

"Soft, gently glitched tectonic ambient movements...
Delicate moments that loop, establish themselves, and slowly spiral outwards until they join with a host of melodic elements...
A release that truly exhibits command, both from the artist to command his own process, and the listener to command their attention to each element to enjoy the whole."
— Guide Me Little Tape


Catalog#: SBT010
Release date: 7 January 2014
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card