The Fun Years — A Heart to Heart About Our Values

Did you see that wonderful picture of snowfall on the Great Pyramids last winter? I guess someone must have shot it from a helicopter. Or maybe it was captured by a surveillance drone. Supposedly the last time it happened was 113 years ago, but that part might be fake news. I know they had cameras back then, but I’m pretty sure not drones or helicopters. Anyway, the scene looks really peaceful from above, like the kind of vision your soul might see on its way up to heaven if you died unexpectedly in a car crash. You’d be all like -- hey! wow! look at the pyramids, they’re covered in snow! -- and suddenly you’d wonder how you got there and why it didn’t feel cold. But before you had time to get worried about it you'd already be in a better place. When your soul is in transit, what do you hear? Is it anything at all like earthly music and does it sound the same today as it did in 1905? If you really knew the answer to those questions you’d have to be dead. Anyway, like I said, it's a really cool picture. You should look it up.

The Fun Years are still Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks.


Catalog#: SBT037
Release date: 3 March 2018
Edition: 100
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