The Fun Years — Heroes of the Second Story Walk-Up

It's beautiful outside today, though you wouldn't guess it from the darkness of your bedsit. So get up, sleepyhead, I've got a special treat for you.

The fun years have dipped your madeleine in tea brewed from mescaline. Sip it slowly as you watch the tattered clouds chase passenger jets across the windowpane. Don't miss a crumb on the plate—an extraordinary thing is about to happen.

Or maybe it already did?

Rewind, press play. People are talking about sticky shed syndrome like it's the sonic apocalypse. The entire history of the 20th century falling to dust in a shower of iron oxide particles across a broken tape head. If so, Heroes of the Second Story Walk-Up could serve as the trumpet call for its rapture. Have faith, you will be among the chosen.

In the meantime, just remember this:

Whenever a cold day at the beach leaves you goose pimpled and shuddering, there's nothing like a warm car to make you feel alive again. So pull that terry cloth tight and ask Mom to (please) turn the heat up in the Camry!

The Fun Years are still Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks.

Clear vinyl.
Silver foil jacket.


The first 80 orders will receive a special screen printed insert.


"...dim and moody fits of blurred post-rock, flirting with moments of what I would describe as utter perfection. “Ask For The Omega Man” is the first aural taste of the new album and delivers the duo’s pensive, warm take on introspective loops. Baritone chords and subtle sets of static fill the space, revealing oddly inviting cycles of sound. It’s the perfect extended teaser for what will surely be a gem of 2017.


"The sparkling energy of life, its joie de vivre, is found in the light, precious guitar interludes and the glimmering melodies, but permeating the music is a creeping, crackling presence of impermanence. The sound warbles like that of an old, adored cassette tape before fading away, reincarnating into something new and bold. A billowing sheet of sound ruffles the side of a resolute melody."

A Closer Listen


Catalog#: SBT030
Release date: 10 March 2017
Edition: 300
Comes with digital download card