The Movies — American Oil

From the very moment I heard The Movies and saw them live, I was hooked. After going to countless shows in Silverlake in the early aughts, I eventually befriended the members of The Movies, only to ultimately and sadly see the band split after a few short years.

One of my dreams from the onset of SBT was to rerelease The Movies' material on cassette and introduce them to an audience who many never have discovered them otherwise. So on that note, Spring Break Tapes is kicking off 2014 with yet another 10 year anniversary special edition cassette only reissue of The Movies' sophomore album, American Oil.

American Oil is livelier and more playful than In One Era but hopefully newcomers to the band will appreciate it since The Movies definitely were all about having fun & entertaining their audience.

For this cassette, I teamed up with fellow artist, friend and Movies' fan Travis Millard and was lucky enough to have his art and lettering grace the packaging.


"American Oil is a louder, more urgent approach to post-punk than The Movies’ debut album, and the vocals here are more dominant. / Yet, I cannot overstate how fresh and unique The Movies’ compositional style is; the band exposes its influences but never sounds derivative."

"...finds many moments of indie-pop brilliance – peppy drums drive the bus while punchy keys and strolling bass lines riff on some repeating rockers and singer Timothy James rambles on about the fact that he is Timothy James..."
Tiny Mix Tapes

""This entire album wallops the speakers with propulsive harmony."
Lost In A Sea Of Sound


Catalog#: SBT011
Release date: 7 January 2014
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card