The Movies — In One Era, Out The Other

I don't remember how I first discovered The Movies but I do vividly remember seeing them perform. Timothy James played his guitar backwards or upside down, forcing his elbows to stick out awkwardly and his wrists to bend oddly, all the while thrusting himself around the stage. He was amazing to watch. He yelped. He crooned. He screamed. And he smiled, looking to see if you got the last joke.

Jess Gelt played bass. She was the rock. She was the groove that held it altogether. When Tim's antics became dizzying, you could turn to Jess and get your focus back. I remember watching her not knowing if she was looking at Tim lovingly or worriedly, wondering if the next time he jumped and spun in the air as high and as hard as and as fast as he could if he would fall off the stage or possibly crash into the drum kit... again.

After a revolving cast of drummers, original band members Stevie Treichel (drums) and Brian Cleary (keyboards) ventured to Los Angeles to regroup with Tim & Jess. The Movies broke up in 2008 and although their time came to an end, In One Era, Out The Other will always be with me and other adoring fans in the Silver Lake music scene for years to come.

Spring Break Tapes proudly presents the 10 year anniversary
rerelease of The Movies' debut album on limited edition cassette.
Take it in. Let it wash over you. Pass the music.


"When The Movies arrived in Los Angeles they were like the Titanic, but with a drunk, stoned captain who was intentionally crashing into and through all icebergs. They were a great band."
— Charlie Wadhams, former Movies drummer

"The Movies stole a piece of my heart 10 years ago and I've loved them ever since."
— Nikki Monninger, Silversun Pickups

"My favorite record of theirs. I know that The Movies are... or have been known for their wildly unpredictable live shows. But this record has so many more levels... In my opinion. Equal parts smart / funny / haunting and heart broken. It's simplicity at it's best! 
— Aaron Espinoza, Earlimart

"Riffs are locked in, rhythm is deep in the pocket, dynamic, a wide range of tempos… just a talented and versatile group."
— Tiny Mix Tapes

"Honestly, this is an exciting listen. Spreading music on tape by bands (in small run editions of course) that never made it out of their circle of friends or local scenes (The Movies did tour extensively and played alongside "name" bands however) is one of the best reasons to keep one's ears open. Seriously, PASS THE MUSIC."
— Cassette Gods


Catalog#: SBT006
Release date: 5 February 2013
Edition: 100
Comes with digital download card